3 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Looking & Feeling Great at Home

Most people brush their teeth twice a day and floss regularly, but that’s only part of the picture when it comes to having healthy teeth. To maintain your pearly whites, you need to be vigilant about your dental care at home. Here are some ways you can keep your teeth looking and feeling great at home every day.

1) Brush for 2 minutes

Make sure you’re brushing for a full two minutes each time, as it can take that long to reach every area of your mouth. Leaving plaque in your mouth can lead to major problems like cavities, gum disease and even tooth loss. If you don’t want these issues cropping up in your life, make sure you’re brushing until those two minutes are up!

2) Use an Ionic Toothbrush

Using an Ionic Toothbrush instead of a manual one can help you brush your teeth more thoroughly. Ionic brushes use ionic action, allowing them to remove more plaque from your teeth. This is especially important for those who wear braces or get frequent fillings.

The Ionic Toothbrush detaches the foreign particles attached to the teeth. And you won’t need flossing once you start using the Ionic Kiss Toothbrush.

3) Clean Between Your Teeth

You may be tempted to skip out on brushing your teeth, but that’s not a good idea—not only can it lead to tooth decay, but it also damages enamel. To keep your pearly whites looking great between brushings, try flossing once or twice a day. It will remove any food particles and plaque in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth—including right between your teeth.

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