How to stop and prevent bad breath

Don’t feel ashamed if you have foul breath; it’s a common issue that is typically
simple to fix. Here is a simple guide to assist you.
What causes bad breath?
Sulfur-producing bacteria that lie under the surface of the tongue are where bad
breath first appears in the back of the mouth. Gum disease, tooth decay, having food
trapped between your teeth, poor oral care, and all of these things can cause bad
breath. Additional, less causes, include:
When you have a dry mouth, or xerostomia, your mouth produces less saliva.
digestive issues where odour is produced by stomach bacteria
Crash dieting, which causes your body to break down fat and release pungent acids
In either case, keeping up a regular dental care schedule will help to keep your breath
fresh, so here’s a look at how you can do just that:
Brushing for a fresh breath
At least twice daily, or just after each meal, brush your teeth using an ionic toothbrush
for two minutes. However, wait at least 20 minutes after consuming anything acidic.
You risk damaging your enamel in its most vulnerable state if you brush your teeth
too soon, while acids may still be present on them.
You should change your toothbrush at least every 18 months.
Extra steps for teeth hygiene
Many people stop at tooth brushing, but there are a few more important steps you can take
to keep your teeth and gums healthy and eliminate bad breath:
Bacteria and food particles hide under a thin layer of mucus in the tongue. Make sure you
brush your tongue as well as your teeth.
Use Ionic Toothbrush to clean between your teeth and dislodge any trapped food.
Round off your brushing with a refreshing mouthwash rinse.
Top tips to prevent bad breath
Limit your coffee intake.
Try quitting or reducing your smoking if you do it.
Getting enough of water will encourage saliva production.
Drink less alcohol.
Consult your doctor if you believe you have persistent foul breath because you could
have a medical problem or tooth decay. But don’t worry, whether it’s short-term or
persistent, bad breath is treatable. But if you will use this Ionic Kiss Toothbrush daily
twice in a day then you too can enjoy fresh breath and confident smiles every day

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