How does the IONICKISS toothbrush work?

What is Ionic Action

Ionic actionEverything in nature has polarity based on ions. The plaque has a positive charge (+) and the tooth surface has a negative charge (-). Opposite polarities are the reason why the surface of the teeth attracts the dental plaque and it, therefore, adheres to the teeth by means of an ionic bond.

The IONICKISS toothbrush generates negative ions and directs their flow between the toothbrush and the tooth. Ionization thus disrupts the ionic bond between the plaque and the tooth, thereby repelling the plaque from the tooth surface toward the brush head.

This will clean your teeth which look cleaner and better. It is clinically proven that the IONICKISS toothbrush is 48% more effective than a regular/electrical toothbrush.

IOnic Kiss technology

Step One : Generate Negative IONs

Hold your Ionic toothbrush handle, making contact with the metal conductor plate. Wet your hand slightly for maximum ionic effect. Start brushing normally

Step Two : Loosen Plaque

Ionic action2Ionic toothbrush is ready to use as it need not start or stop. You just need to use it for at least 180 seconds

Step Three: Remove Plaque

Once you start using the Ionickiss toothbrush, It will start generating the negative ions from the metal rod, these negative ions reach your mouth through the bristles and break the bond between the tooth and the plaque, resulting in cleaner and brighter teeth.

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