Top 3 Advantages of Using the Ionic Toothbrush

Toothpaste not required: The ionic mechanism of the Ionic toothbrush does not require toothpaste/gel for brushing the teeth.

Crystal-clear shine: Ionic toothbrush generates negative ions and removes plaque/stains from your teeth surface by changing its polarity. The ionic mechanism drastically reduces gingivitis/plaque adhered between the gums & teeth as compared to any other electric or manual toothbrushing method.

Reduces sensitivity & bad breath substantially: The Ionic toothbrush removes the plaque from the mouth drastically and subsequently gums health starts improving–hence, sensitivity is considerably reduced.

Similarly, the ionic power of the toothbrush flushes out all the plaque immediately which is the major cause of bad breath.

Certainly, till now it would be clear to you, why the ionic mechanism of the Ionic kiss toothbrush is far superior to any ordinary/electric toothbrush.

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