The Ultimate Guide of Ionic Kiss Toothbrush

Ionic toothbrush benefits

To eliminate plaque, both manual and electronic toothbrushes rely just on friction. Ionic Toothbrush, on the other hand, works like a magnet, causing plaque to fall away from teeth easily. If your primary reason for brushing teeth is to remove plaque(which causes every other type of mouth & gum related problems), then this is the greatest toothbrush you can get! There had been numerous researches proving the effectiveness of this ionic technology’s unique-plaque-removal capabilities. Plaque is repelled away from the teeth easily because of this ionic-working-mechanism. This ionic process is beneficial for eliminating plaque quickly from between the teeth, where the bristles of any normal/electric toothbrush may not be able to reach. This delivers a far better clean than any of the regular toothbrushes.

Are Ionic toothbrushes effective?

The Ionic toothbrush prevents plaque from sticking to your teeth! Teeth have a negative polarity by nature, plaque has a positive polarity, which causes it to attach to your teeth. This link between the teeth & plaque is broken by brushing with the Ionic toothbrush, which reverses the polarity of your teeth. Plaque molecules are then effectively rejected by the teeth and drawn to the Ionic toothbrush’s negatively polarised bristles, which then vanishes it out.

Are Ionic toothbrushes safe?

It’s absolutely safe because there’s not even the requirement of toothpaste(every toothpaste has certain chemicals present in it) in the ionic-mechanism brushing, its just the use of ions that in a natural way cleans your teeth thoroughly & efficiently.

How to use Ionic toothbrush?

Hold the Ionic toothbrush from the metal bend with your water-moistened fingers. The metal bend attached to a built-in lithium-ion battery gets moisture from your fingers. When you start brushing–your teeth comes in contact with the moistened toothbrush bristles(water/saliva/toothpaste anything)–your teeth begin to repel all the attached plaque.


According to clinical testing, the silent action of the Ionic toothbrush eliminates up to 48 percent more plaque than a manual toothbrush. The utility of the Ionic toothbrush must be very certain to you now! We strongly recommend you to try it out, and experience dentist-equivalent cleansing at your home, daily.

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